I am a Kentucky Oil Painter who enjoys painting ordinary things and giving them dignity and beauty through light and color. I’m always thrilled with the process of making a subject radiant. My creative process usually starts with a walk where I think about what to paint and about what catches my eye: the way light falls on a porch, the shade of green in a yard or just the glory of nature. Nature never disappoints and generously offers up ideas to lay down on canvas. I paint the places which attract me, whether they be fields, streams, porches, or barns and houses. I use vibrant color and design to suggest my feelings about these places or things. My work begins with a sketch or photo, and then takes on a life of its own. I frequently follow the paint.

I have painted all my life and was always in some kind of art class. I began exhibiting in street fairs and jury shows while living in Cincinnati and continued to learn under Elmer Ruff. Upon moving to Kentucky, I trained with colorist Lou Ann Iler and also spent time with Susan Sarbach in California and Howard Rose in New York. My work appears in myriad corporate and private collections, and I have presented several one-person exhibitions throughout Indiana and Kentucky. I am currently at the Point Gallery in Prospect, The Cooper Moon in New Albany, IN, and JanJobee Gallery in Louisville.